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Q&A with Giannis Antetokounmpo


 1. What do you do during the offseason to stay in shape and improve your game?

It’s very important for me to never stop improving, even in the offseason. When I’m not on the court playing I’m in the gym training and building strength. There is no time off. Eating well and exercising right is very important to me.

 2. What is your favorite workout routine or exercise off of the court?

I consider myself an all-around player so I try to reflect that in what I do to prepare off the court. I love exercises that help improve all parts of my game to be a better player in all aspects of the game.

3. What is the best basketball/fitness tip you’ve received to stay healthy and in shape?

The best fitness tip I’ve received is to take care of your body before and after hard workouts. It’s important to stretch and address any injuries as soon as they happen.


 1. What do you eat for breakfast to get you going for the day?

I like to eat fruit and an egg sandwich.

 2. What is your favorite post-work out/ post-game meal? 

I like to a protein shake after a tough workout. I like to eat pasta and chicken too.

 3. How do you recharge after a tough workout?

I always replenish my body with a meal that is high in protein and enjoy a good fruit smoothie.


1. What types of activities do you do with your family/friends to stay active?

I love to play basketball with my brothers. They keep me motivated and it’s always really competitive. My family has always been very active and everyone loves to stay in shape.

 2. What is your favorite part about playing basketball?

The opportunity for me to play basketball is a tremendous one and I love every second I get to spend on the court. Coming to America to play has been an amazing experience and I love the challenge of getting better every day.

 3. Do you work out with any other NBA/WNBA players in the offseason?

I try to work out with as many other guys as possible. You only get better by competing against the best.