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Q&A with Al Horford


1. What do you do during the offseason to stay in shape and improve your game?
I like to all different types of cardio during the offseason. I’ll also do some hot yoga and play pickup basketball too.

2. What is your favorite workout routine or exercise off of the court?
My favorite off the court workout would be biking.

3. What is the best basketball/fitness tip you’ve received to stay healthy and in shape?
The best tip I have received and would give it to make sure to be active in some way at least three times a week. Whether a workout or even going on a walk, it’s important to stay healthy and not get completely out of shape.


1. What do you eat for breakfast to get you going for the day?
I usually eat eggs with some vegetables and some fruits. I will also sometimes have oatmeal and gluten free toast.

2. What is your favorite post-work out/ post-game meal? How do you recharge after a tough workout?
After a tough workout, I try to eat lots of proteins and try to have some carbohydrates. Pasta is always good with protein, and I enjoy Bolognese with chicken. After I get the carbs and proteins, I usually will add some sort vegetables, like asparagus and broccoli.


1. What types of activities do you do with your family/friends to stay active?
I like to go to the park with my family and friends and either play soccer, play tennis, or just go for walk.

2. What is your favorite part about playing basketball?
My favorite part about playing basketball is a chance to play with other people, be in that team atmosphere and have a chance to compete and win every day.

3. Do you work out with any other NBA/WNBA players in the offseason?
During the offseason, I usually get the chance to workout with my teammates in Atlanta.