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2020 NBA FIT Week Total Health Tips

  1. Fit in fitness

Busy day? When you can’t schedule a dedicated workout session, don’t fret. Break up your exercise into 3 or more 10-minute sessions by blending it into what you already do.

Look for opportunities to work in a workout.

  • Arrive earlier. Get to your destination 10 minutes ahead of time and park far away. You’ll have time for a walk before you make your entrance — and time to take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Use your workstation. No matter what your workspace you can build in physical activities. Move around while on the phone. Hold a walking meeting. Hand-deliver messages instead of shooting off an email. March in place or stretch at the photocopier. Any movement is better than no movement.
  • Pack a ready bag. Carry a gym bag with exercise clothes and shoes, light jacket for walking outside, and water bottle. Keep athletic shoes and socks with you so you’re ready for a 10-minute walk on the fly. Better yet, wear them to your facility or destination so you can sneak in a walk before you change into work or dress shoes.

How can you fit in a 10-minute workout today?


  1. Three ways to start the day better

Blast out of bed to reach new heights before the early bird spots the first worm. Here are three simple routine tweaks to make the most of your morning:

  • Stretch and breathe. Take in a few big lungfuls of oxygen as you reach toward the sky. An Oxford University study found that paced breathing helped participants feel more invigorated. Attend a yoga class that teaches different types of breathing exercises to harness your life force.
  • Boost breakfast. Research shows that an early meal leads to better performance. Perhaps hot oatmeal or a frittata will power up your day. Experiment with recipes until you find the fuel that fits you.
  • Take five to meditate. Slowing down and focusing on your breath before you head out will help you start the day feeling calm, centered, and ready for what’s next.

How will you wake up your well-being this week?

  1. Gym options

A health club can be useful, with its array of machines, weights, and classes, but it can also be expensive. If you’re looking for ways to reduce monthly expenses, you can stay active with an alternative. To decide, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I walk more? A brisk, 30-minute walk offers a wealth of physical and mental health benefits. You can walk on a school track, around your workplace, or in your neighborhood for free. All you need are comfortable, supportive shoes.
  • Can I buddy up? Group fitness is motivating. If you have a partner or exercise circle you can encourage each other. Plan a regular family walk, or play neighborhood basketball.
  • Do I need a challenge? As your fitness progresses, you may be ready to change your routine. While a gym can provide access to special equipment, you can find many free workout plans online or when you sign up for a charity run such as Team in Training

Staying healthy is valuable, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. See where you can save while staying fit this month.


  1. Midday pick-you-ups

Give the break room coffee pot a rest. The next time you find yourself drawing blanks, try these tips instead to refocus, boost your energy, and relax for a moment:

  • If you’ve been sitting for hours at a time, it feels good to get up and move around. No need for contortions. Just taking 5 or 10 minutes to stand up and do a series of stretches will not only get you out of your seat, but also relieve tension.
  • Read for fun. Your email doesn’t count. Let your mind take a cheap vacation and indulge in a short pleasure read about your favorite hobby or travel destination.
  • Perform an act of kindness Write a thank-you email or post a sticky note on your co-worker’s desk saying how much you appreciate their help on that last project. Only five minutes of your time can spread happiness to others and you, too.

Are you ready to bump your midday slump?


  1. Three ways to guarantee your fitness fix

Even the most committed fitness enthusiasts need a little extra help getting out the door sometimes. For those days when you need more motivation, try these tips:

  • Practice positive self-talk. Give yourself the kind of encouragement you’d offer a good friend: “A walk would be great right now; I can do this.” “I always feel fantastic after my workout.” “I’ll be so glad I exercised today.”
  • Make it short and sweet. If you feel you don’t have time — or energy — for your regular 30-minute workout, simply cut it in half; a shorter workout is better than none. And once you get moving, chances are you’ll want to do more or you can finish later in the day.
  • Count down to blast off. Next time you’d rather stay on the couch, try counting backward from 10 — out loud. By zero, you’ll be vertical.

Are you ready to get moving?