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Being A Good Teammate

If your teammate is having a hard time, here are some things you can do.

  • Let them know you are concerned
    • Tell them what you’ve noticed and why it worries you
  • Listen (really, listen) if they are willing to share their worries with you
  • Be there for them
    • Sometimes just knowing that someones cares and is there for them is all someone needs to get through a difficult time. Let them know that is possible to feel better and they are not alone.
    • Don’t feel like you have to have all of the answers.
  • Educate yourself about strategies to manage anxiety and share them with your teammate
    • Offer to go to yoga together
    • Find a relaxation/meditation app that you like and share it with your teammate
    • Give them a journal to write down their worries
  • Trust your gut if you feel your teammate may need additional, professional support & connect them to resources