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Strength & Conditioning


Denver Nuggets

Strength & Conditioning Coach Steve Hess helps Emmanuel Mudiay of the Denver Nuggets replenish and recover after an intense practice. Watch as Emmanuel jogs and stretches before finishing his post workout routine in the cold tub.


Key Takeaways

  • Replenish your body by staying hydrated with fluids that contain electrolytes
  • Jog lightly to begin active recovery
  • Hold stretches for 6 seconds while contracting at 10% of your total output
  • Use a variety of stretching motions to work multiple areas of your body
  • Complete your active recovery by spending 15 minutes in a cold tub


Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons Strength & Conditioning Coaches Anthony Harvey and Jordan Sabourin teach fun foam rolling techniques. Learn tips to ease tension in your triceps after exercising.


Key Takeaways

  • After lifting weights or doing upper body workouts, use the foam roller to loosen muscles and remove lactic acid
  • Lay on the ground with the foam roller underneath your armpit. Rotate the roller back and forth between the armpit and elbow
  • Use your opposite hand for balance and increased movement
  • Extend each repetition by holding the foam roller in the position where you feel the most tension
  • Focus on both the right and left triceps for maximum effectiveness


Miami HEAT

Miami Heat Strength & Conditioning Coaches Bill Foran and Eric Foran explain the importance of nutrition for athletes. See what foods help maximize performance and keep players fit.


Key Takeaways

  • Food can make a good athlete great, but it can also make a great athlete good
  • Eat 3 square meals daily that consist of high quality foods with 1 to 2 healthy snacks (i.e. nuts and fruit) between meals
  • Hydrate before, during, and after each game or training session
  • Avoid dry and processed foods
  • Reduce unwanted sugar intake by avoiding soda, candy, desserts, and fruit juices


New York Knicks

Mubarak Malik, Director of Performance for the New York Knicks, explains the power of an active warm-up. Learn about the mobility and stability drills that get players ready for action.

 Key Takeaways

  • An active warmup increases core temperature, elongates muscles, and prepares muscles for movement
  • While warming up be sure to engage areas of the body where you typically feel soreness
  • Do 4 to 7 balancing exercises with 5 to 7 reps of each exercise
  • Begin by using both legs in each exercise, then focus on improving balance by using one leg at a time
  • While practicing stability use your core and hips to maximize engagement of your power of center



Biceps, Shoulders & Chest


Blood Flow Vibration Roll


Glute Piriformis




IT Bands