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Kaiser Permanente Total Health Tips


  1. Three ways to cut calories

Trimming just a few extra daily calories can help nudge down the numbers on your scale or maintain your ideal weight. Tweak your typical food day to stay in control by trying these steps:

  • Pick up low-fat dairy. Low and nonfat cheese, milk, and yogurt provide plenty of bone-boosting calcium and protein power without a big calorie cost. A cup of skim milk saves about 60 calories and 8 grams of fat over whole milk.
  • Pop open the bubbly. Sparkling water, that is. Carbonated water (without added sweeteners) is a refreshing replacement for calorie-packed sodas or loaded coffee drinks. You can also have it with a splash of juice to make a special occasion spritzer with less waistline impact.
  • Cut a few carbs. Reduce your portions to save calories. For example, choose an open-faced sandwich or substitute a bed of roasted veggies for pasta.

These changes are easy to adopt — this week and beyond.

  1. Stay cool under pressure

Being put in the hot seat or answering questions you aren’t expecting is no fun. But you can stay poised and ensure your ideas are heard — while projecting confidence. Use some of these tactics to help you think on your feet:

Prepare. Before a meeting or presentation, predict possible points of confusion and plan a response. If you feel anxious, take a walk — exercise reduces stress and boosts self esteem

  • Compose yourself. You might not feel calm, but your voice will sound unruffled if you relax. Pause to collect your thoughts, take a deep breath, and give yourself an affirming message such as, “You’re going to be fine; you’ve got this.”
  • Process before responding. Look directly at the person when you interpret their question. Ask them to repeat or clarify, if you’re not sure. And if you don’t know the answer, say so.
  • Stay on topic. The pressure of the moment may cause you to give too much information ­­— and risk saying things better left unsaid. Give an answer with one main point and just enough supporting details.

Practice these skills, and you’ll be ready to shine at a moment’s notice.